Review: Bimonthly Review of Law Books

Bimonthly Review of Law Books September/October 2004 Corporate & Wall Street Ethics By Michael L. Rustad Thomas F. Lambert Jr. Professor of Law Suffolk University Law School. This book is a profile in courage, describing in moving detail the saga of a private attorney general who suffered great personal costs while serving the public interest by uncovering corporate wrongdoing. Keith Schooley's well-written book is an odyssey of his struggles with Merrill Lynch management that took him on a journey through nearly every regulatory agency, a blue-ribbon arbitration panel, and finally the Tenth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals... Mr. Schooley illustrates the ways the "powerful and mighty" play the game inside and outside of a court of law, including employing unethical and perhaps illegal tactics. It is a powerful story of the personal costs of whistle-blowing and doing the right thing as well as an insider's guide to the world of [...]

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