keith schooley

Keith Schooley

Keith Schooley

Keith Schooley was involved in the oil business for many years before and after his employment with Merrill Lynch. He holds a B.B.A. from the University of Oklahoma and an M.B.A. from Oklahoma State University.

A life-long resident of Oklahoma with two children, Schooley currently makes his home in Enid.

Quote from Merrill Lynch:The Cost Could Be Fatal—

During that first year of employment with Merrill Lynch, I would often tell my wife I could not believe what I had seen or learned that day. I was amazed, shocked, and disgusted to find myself in an environment that was absolutely in opposition to my own standard of ethics as well as the published standard of ethics Merrill Lynch espoused and required. Furthermore, I found the way Ellis was willing to exploit his subordinates to be lacking in decency. I was growing increasingly disturbed and restless.

However, we had moved to Enid in hopes of regaining financial stability with the Merrill Lynch opportunity. My wife would always urge me not to rock the boat and encourage me surely the situation would get better. I agreed to be patient and hoped she was right.

Unfortunately, the situation did not get better, but continued. I decided it was time to do what I knew I had to, regardless of the consequences. Knowing what I was planning to do was an aggressive move with unpredictable results, I did so without informing Donna. I wanted to do everything my instincts told me to do without interference, and I did not want her to have to deal with the anxiety that would surely follow.

In light of my sense of the place, you would think I would have been quite skeptical regarding the chance things would be put right within the office. However, I truly believed New York senior management would address and satisfy my concerns about all the incidents I had seen over the past several months. That would be a grave miscalculation.

Keith Schooley