Garfield County Daily Legal News
August 9, 2002

Keith Schooley’s new book, Merrill Lynch: The Cost Could Be Fatal, is his story about dashed expectations, ethical lapses, and disillusion. He became David to Merrill Lynch’s Goliath.

He tells the story in great detail, including the ebbing away of his optimistic expectations – then respect for his superiors and for the company as he did what he believed to be morally and ethically correct.

He spent years opposing the company, in court, then in mandatory arbitration. He got little satisfaction in tangible terms. But his story illustrates his nitty-gritty determination and persistence for sure.

And it confirms what most of us learn sooner or later: big organizations don’t have a conscience or a soul. There is no internal imperative to “do the right thing”. So Keith deserves kudos for facing them down….It is an interesting story about a determined individual.