The Justice Journal
February 2007

Police Need Citizen Involvement..
By Chandra Niles Folsom

..In 1991, former financial consultant Keith Schooley came forward to report internal misconduct and cover-ups at the brokerage house, Merrill Lynch.

“I knew there was some risk involved but I honestly believed the propaganda espoused by senior management—that Merrill Lynch insists on the highest level of integrity,” said Schooley, whose wrongful termination lawsuit went all the way to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. “After a period of time, I simply couldn’t stand by and continue to witness blatant violations of rules, regulations, and laws that repeatedly placed clients in harm’s way, all at a firm that people are supposed to trust with their money. If corporate management knew there were more people out there who are willing to stand up and be counted, things might significantly change for the better.”