Amazon Top 100 Reviewer (Linda Zarate)

This is a chronicle of one man’s attempt to do the right thing only to pay a high price in his personal and professional life. The book opens with a quote from Merrill Lynch’s corporate counsel made when the author joined the firm, “[b]ut let integrity slip and take second place to revenue – then it will cost us more than dollars. The cost could be fatal.” This sets the background in what was to become a war of one rookie financial consultant against hypocrisy and internal expediency that was the opposite of the lofty rhetoric of the corporate counsel.

…A few things about the story – there is no bitterness or rancor on the part of the author. He is fair and objective, and writes in an even manner. He names people by name, has thoroughly documented the episode and has left it to the body of readers to be the court of public opinion. The book is a good read, and it may just expose some of the fallacies in the very systems that are designed to protect us as individuals, consumers and shareholders.