Enid News & Eagle
December 9, 2002

What comes around…Allegations against firm appear prophetic
By Scott Fitzgerald

It’s a classic case of David standing up to Goliath.

Former Merrill Lynch financial consultant Keith Schooley of Enid, who worked at the now defunct Enid office from 1991-1992, continues to challenge one of the country’s most prominent brokerage firms.

…Schooley said his story, told in the first person, is “an indictment of not only Merrill Lynch, but of securities regulations oversight, inherent unfairness of the securities binding arbitration and the impact on investors who are subject to binding arbitration if they have a dispute with their brokerage firm.”

…Schooley’s story is prophetic of what’s happening now in the corporate financial world. Massive corporations are declaring bankruptcy because of financial mismanagement and deception. Chief executives are getting charged with white collar crimes a mile long. Those who serve on boards are getting scrutinized. Do they do anything at all?

…Schooley’s book is generating ripples. He has been interviewed for a story in the September/October 2002 issue of Bimonthly Review of Law Books. Schooley has also been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune and is scheduled for interviews on several radio shows.

…”What is frightening,” [Schooley] said, “is the misbehavior by corporate leaders we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg. People need to be encouraged to stand up and speak out.”