Foreword xi
Preface   All That Glitters   xv
    In the Beginning xvi
Chapter 1   Keith Schooley   1
Chapter 2   The Fast Track.    
    The Downward Spiral. 9
Chapter 3   Schooley Declares War   25
Chapter 4   The First Response   29
Chapter 5   Round II—Battle of the Board   43
Chapter 6   Preparing for More War   59
Chapter 7   Regulators   71
Chapter 8   Pre-litigation   83
Chapter 9   NYSE Arbitration   107
    The Hearing Begins: Show Time 118
    Opening Statements: Bruce Day Does a Number 122
    Keith Schooley: The Earth Will Shake 127
    Barry Clark: Thomas Says Schooley Is a Cancer 156
    Schooley Continues: There Will Be No Violence 163
    Gary Champion: I Can Guarantee You... 167
    Lisa Brainard: Mistaken Identity 171
    Bill Hall: Cheat Sheets Absolutely Existed 172
    Brent Barton: It Was Starting to Look Like Watergate 181
    Ellis Edwards: Merrill Lynch Needs to Terminate Some People 190
    Helmuth Meditz: Why the Memo? You Had to Know It Would Go All the Way to Senior Management 192
    Barry Mandel: I Don't Know if I Could Work in an Office Where My Manager Is Threatening to Sue Me 203
    Jack Thomas: I Was Going to Sue Schooley for Anything I Could 210
    Professor Michael Rustad: A Multiplicity of Smoking Guns 219
    Alan Rockler: I'm Getting Confused—This Has Gone On for So Long 224
    Closing Arguments: An Extremely Unusual Case 228
Chapter 10   Litany of Litigation   243
Chapter 11   The Final Bid   261
Chapter 12   Court of Public Opinion   267
Acknowledgments 273
Index 275